Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

This is Cutting speed chart of GYC laser cutting machine with Raycus 3000w fiber laser cutting machine, just take it as reference, I believe it will help to to get some ideas of the 3000w laser cutting capacity,

As you can see the Maximum cutting carbon steel up to 20mm 22mm, but the cutting speed is 0.5meter/min, very low, the the red color just mean it can cut, but not in good production quality, normally if you have production of 20mm carbon steel, we recommend you 6000w or higher power to get the faster cutting speed.

The fastest cutting speed of 3000w 28-35meter/min, with high pressure nitrogen gas or pure air from the air compressure, pressure up to 10 bar and more.

3000w fiber laser cutting speed chart

And you can also get some reference for the focus point, different focus point will effect the cutting quality. Normally positive focus point for cutting carbon steel, and negative focus point for cutting stainless steel.

Similar cutting parameter for cutting stainless steel and cutting aluminium, please take a look.

if you are looking for 1500w to 2000w fiber laser cutting chart, please feel free to write to us

6000w Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

This is fiber laser Cutting Material vs speed chart, 6000w is the popular laser power for the market, as you can see the cutting capacity of carbon steel up to 22mm, and it will bring you a higher cutting speed up to 35meter/minitue.


Why the people choose the 6000w fiber laser cutting machine for their fabrication business, because 6000w will out put higher laser power, allow you to cut the thin steel with higher speed, to save your cost of electricity and human resources.

And now the cost of 6000w laser source is getting reasonable, if you are also thinking to update your machine to 6000w, please feel free to chat with us

12kw Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

12kw is known as high power fiber laser, hope this laser cutting chart will bring you some useful information, as you can see, it allow you to cut carbon steel up to 40mm, and the production cutting thickness of the carbon steel up to 25mm, so it will be good for heavy duty metal working industry.

if you use it to cut thin stainless steel sheet like 1mm, Super fast 50m/min, and 60m/min cutting speed you will reach, high efficiency to bring you more profit.


20kw Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

If you have a 20kw fiber laser cutting machine, you can cut production cutting carbon steel up to 40mm, 50mm, maximum cutting capacity up to 80mm, but for making sample,

Some of the customer who buy 20kw fiber laser cutting machine is for cutting 10-16mm stainless steel with high speed, for example, you can use 20kw to cut 16mm stainless speed in 5 to 6meters/min.

If you are need to cut thick stainless steel, that will be right choice.


30kw Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

Have you imagine that how thick of the steel that a 30kw fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel?

Maximum up to 80mm carbon steel and 100mm stainless steel.

Production cutting capacity up 50mm carbon steel and 40mm stainless steel in speed 0.6-0.8meters/min.

it can cut 20mm carbon steel with 1.5meters/min, and 20mm stainless steel 5-6meters/min.


30kw Fiber Laser Cutting Speed Chart

40kw fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel up to 100mm stainless steel and carbon steel.

Production cutting capacity up 70mm carbon steel in 0.5m/min, and 70mm stainless steel in speed 0.2meters/min.

it can cut 70mm stainless steel with 1.5-1.6meters/min, and 20mm stainless steel 7-8.5meters/min.



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