3000W PROCUT 1530FD

1070nm Nanometers Fiber Optic Laser, Steel Cutting Master
Enclosed Body with Exchanging Working Table, More Productive
Dual Schneider Servo Drive, Rapid Cutting Speed

PROCUT Laser Cutting Video

PROCUT 3000W Fiber laser cutting machine is designed for sheet metal cutting
with dual drive servo electric motor, rapid cutting speed,
and cutting capacity up to 5mm stainless steel and carbon steel.

PROCUT 3000w Laser Cuttinging Samples

Configuration of PROCUT 3000W 

Main Items Standard Configuration
Solid Steel Machine Bed GYC Laser
Aluminum Gantry GYC Laser
Laser Source 3000W IPG/RAYCUS/MAX
Control System Cypcut 2000
 Laser Head GYC laser Auto Focus
Reduce Gear Box Italy Motovario
X.Y.Z Servo Motor and Driver France Schneider
Guide Rail Taiwan HIWIN
Gear Rack Taiwan KH
Valve and Proportional Valve AIRTAC/SMC
CB,Relay,Contactor France Schneider

How PROCUT 3000W Laser Cutting Sheets


PROCUT 3000w is widely applied to the different industries for sheet metal fabrication,
such as equipment cabinets, home appliances, kitchen utensils production, sports equipment, medical equipment, food machinery,
advertising equipment, metal crafts, elevator manufacturing, door, and window production, etc.

Why PROCUT 3KW Outstanding

1064nm fiber laser

1070nm Fiber Laser Optics

PROCUT equips with a 3000w fiber laser source with 1070 nanometer laser output high-quality laser beam, a high absorption rate of metal, Excellent cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, Iron, copper, Aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.

Auto Focusing Laser Cutting Head

Reliable design with the collimating lens adjusts the focusing point, easy to cut steel in different thicknesses,
3 protective lens design, protect focusing and collimating lens damaged during high-intensity continuous laser cutting.


Cypcut Control System

The most reliable Cypcut laser control system, Fscut2000 controller with Cypcut smart software, with standard laser cutting functions such as Fly cut, frog-leap lifting, kerf width compensation, lead line, micro-joint, pre-piercing, film cutting, etc.

Gear Rack Transmission

Schneider Dual Servo Drive with Gear rack transmission, fast ideal speed to get rapid laser cutting speed, and stable running 24/7, more productive.

material cut by fiber laser

Clean Cutting Tech, No Polishing

Clean Cutting stainless steel with nitrogen assistant to get white color cutting edge, and cutting carbon steel with oxygen assistant to get black color oxide cutting edge.
Compressed and cleaned air is used for cutting thin metal sheets with high cutting speed for the metal fabricator.

Optional With Upload-Unload Automation

We can enable the upload and upload function of the machine, if you cutting the same design in a large production, turn-key solution to share with you.


Fire-resistant Design

Protect the laser cutting bed itself, as you know the laser power is extremely high cutting carbon steel up to 20mm, so we make a refractory layer to protect the machine and make sure the machine long time under the laser cutting power for upto 3kw 6kw 12kw.


We are setting up more local service centers to offer demo laser solutions to our customers and after-sales service.


PROCUT with Certificates


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If you have any questions about the PROCUT 3000W fiber laser cutting machine, please free to contact us.
Professional 18 years laser team support you improve your sheet metal laser cutting productivity.

    PROCUT Laser Cutting Machine
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    (1) What is PROCUT 1530FD?

    PROCUT 1530FD is a professional fiber laser cutting machine, Manufactured by GYC laser, with a cutting area of 1500x3000mm, Enclosed body with laser power options 3kw 6kw 12kw.

    (2) How Thick Steel Can Be Cut by PROCUT 1530FD?

    PROCUT 1530FD 3kw Fiber Laser cutting stainless steel sheets up to 10mm, and carbon steel sheets up to 20mm, and it also is used for cutting galvanized steel sheets, Aluminum sheets, Brass sheets, etc.


    Material Thickness[mm] Speed[m/min] Power [W] Gas Pressure [bar] Nozzle[mm] Focus[mm] Cutting Height [mm]
    Carbon Steel 1 28-35 3000 N2/Air 10 1.5S 0 1
    2 16-20 3000 10 2.0S 0 0.5
    Carbon Steel 2 3.8-4.2 2100 O2 1.6 1.0D +3 0.8
    3 3.2-3.6 2100 0.6 1.0D +4 0.8
    4 3-3.2 2400 0.6 1.0D +4 0.8
    5 2.7-3 3000 0.6 1.2D +4 0.8
    6 2.2-2.5 3000 0.6 1.2D +4 0.8
    8 1.8-2.2 3000 0.6 1.2D +4 0.8
    10 1-1.3 3000 0.6 1.2D +4 0.8
    12 0.9-1 2400 0.6 3.0D +4 0.8
    14 0.8-0.9 2400 0.6 3.0D +4 0.8
    16 0.6-0.7 2400 0.6 3.5D +4 0.8
    18 0.5-0.6 2400 0.6 4.0D +4 0.8
    20 0.5-0.55 2400 0.6 4.0D +4 0.8
    22 0.5 2400 0.6 4.0D +4 0.8
    Stainless Steel 1 28-35 3000 N2 10 1.5S 0 0.8
    2 18-24 12 2.0S 0 0.5
    3 7-10 12 2.5S -0.5 0.5
    4 5-6.5 14 2.5S -1.5 0.5
    5 3-3.6 14 3.0S -2.5 0.5
    6 2-2.7 14 3.0S -3 0.5
    8 1-1.2 16 3.5S -4.5 0.5
    10 0.5-0.6 16 4.0S -6 0.5
    Aluminum 1 25-30 3000 N2 12 1.5S 0 0.8
    2 15-18 12 2.0S 0 0.5
    3 7-8 14 2.0S -1 0.5
    4 5-6 14 2.5S -2 0.5
    5 2.5-3 16 3.0S -3 0.5
    6 1.5-2 16 3.0S -3.5 0.5
    8 0.6-0.7 16 3.5S -4 0.5
    Brass 1 20-28 3000 N2 12 1.5S 0 0.8
    2 10-15 12 2.0S 0 0.5
    3 5-6 14 2.5S -1 0.5
    4 2.5-3 14 3.0S -2 0.5
    5 1.8-2.2 14 3.0S -2.5 0.5
    6 0.8-1 16 3.0S -3 0.5

    (3) What is the Specification of the PROCUT 1530?

    Working range:
    – Working Width X-Axis:    1500mm
    – Working Length Y-Axis:   3000 mm
    Max speed ( Positioning Speed )
    – X-Axis   100 m/min
    – Y-Axis   100 m/min
    – XY Axis  120m/min
    Max cutting speed    100 m/min
    Acceleration speed
    – X Axis    1.2g
    – Y Axis    1.2g
    – Positioning accuracy:±0.03 mm/m
    – Repetitive accuracy:±0.02 mm
    – Cutting accuracy: Depends on different thicknesses of steel sheet.

    (4) What About the After Sales Service of the Laser Cutting Machine?

    We offer two years warranty on the PROCUT laser cutting machine.
    Free training in our factory,
    12/7 online support with remote control assistant,
    Local machine installation and training in the USA, India, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Kenya, Thailand etc.
    Internation technical support all over the world.

    (5) Is the laser beam constant or can it be pulsed?

    AirWelder offers two modes of operation to match your welding needs:
    Continuous – the laser is on constantly for maximum penetration and travel speed
    Pulsed mode – Airwelder pulse mode will help you to get the fish scale welding, Better control the laser output, and less heat input to the material.

    (6) What is the duty cycle?

    You can run PROCUT at 100% duty cycle at a maximum of 3000 watts of laser power.
    The power is adjustable from 1% to 100%, depending on the cutting parameter.
    PROCUT designs with water cooling the core parts of the machine such as the laser source and laser head,  so it is available for continuous working up to 24hrs/day.

    (7) What is the Spares Parts, Lifespan?

    PROCUT is a standard Fiber laser cutting machine, that spares parts of the machine cutting nozzles and protective lens,

    1. Protective lens, for protecting the dust that gets into the laser head, and damages the lens and laser optic system, Normally just 10pc a Month. This is related to the situation of usage. Sometimes we can use it for a long time without any damage, while others will be damaged one by one.
    2. In our experience, when just starting to use it, the wrong operation happens, we need to prepare a few pieces for replacement in case of damage.
    3. The cutting Nozzle copper nozzles require 5 pcs a month. different thickness steel sheets cutting requires nozzles with different hole diameters.
    Parts Life Span
    Protective lens 10PCS/month
    Cutting Nozzle 5pcs/month

    (8) Can I Resell Airwelder in My City?

    A: We welcome friends from all over the world to work together, let’s spread the new technology for welding, and improve the welding quality and efficiency,
    Let’s join together to share this opportunity of welding technology.

    (9) Will you offer OEM service?

    A: OEM service is available, we will support you with a creative R&D team, two manufacturing centers, a superior supply chain partnership of lasers, a strong technical support team, etc.
    We believe that we will be the one who fully supports you to realize your unique brand dream of new technology laser Cutting.

    (10) How do I buy PROCUT?

    Please Email

    Please Call or WhatsApp +8615989138812