Air Compressor

for Laser Cutting Machine


Electric Screw Variable Compressor

This is an Electric Variable Air Compressor for laser cutting machines,
1.6MPA air pressure for laser cutting
Variable Technology, Electricity saving.
All-in-one intergrated design
Easy to Use, One Button On
Reliable with Permanent magnet Motor

Air Compressor Assist Cutting Different Metal


Laser cutting machines with different power laser sources for different thickness metal cutting,
Air compressors offer compressed air instead of nitrogens and Oxygen gas,
to save the cost of the gas.

Parameter of Air Compressor

Product Name Variable Air Compressor
Model 20B
HS CODE 8414804990
Total Power 15kw
Flow 1.39m³/min
Gas Pressure 1.6mpa
Noise 68±2db
Transmission Way SCREW
Cooling Type Air Cooling
Freeze dryer Pressure Dew-point Temperature 2-8℃
The capacity of Freeze Dryer 1.5m³/min
4-stages Precision Filtration 0.01um
Oil Filtration ≤0.001ppm
Tank Volume 420L
G.W. 495KGS
Dimension 160*78*169cm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz

Why use Your Air Compressor For Laser Cutting 


Using a laser cutting machine with an air compressor assistant will help to save a lot of money
because you just need to pay for the electricity of the air compressor,
and you don’t need to pay continuously for oxygen and nitrogen.


When you use compressed air for assistant laser cutting,
you will get brown color but a clean cutting edge,
even if it is not perfect cutting as the nitrogen gas did,
it will be acceptable for most metal fabricators because the metal work needs to be painted before delivery.



One more thing, if you air assistant to cut carbon steel, you will get a fast cutting speed,
while the oxygen assistant is low pressure and low speed.
Air assistance with high pressure and high-speed cutting increases productivity.


4-IN-ONE Integrated

GYLSP Air Compressor is an integrated electric variable air compressor that is born for laser cutting, with Air Vacuum pumps, an Air dryer, an Air filter system, and an air storage tank, As you know laser cutting is a precise cutting method for steel cutting, it requires air with pressure enough and cleans without any oil, water, and tiny dust, Integrated design support you reliable air for laser cutting process.

Electric Vacuum Pump

Reliable engine to ensure high air pressure up to 1.6mpa for your continuous laser-cutting process.

vacuum pump
oil separater


It is a reliable separating tank with a precise filter to separate oil and gas to ensure to get the pressure air for laser cutting.
Oil particles below 1um are filtered by micron and glass fiber filter layers.

Frequency Converter Control

In addition to the advantages of low noise, small starting current stable operation,
The frequency converter controls the speed of the motor and adjusts the actual motor’s working duty according to the actual consumption.
When your laser cutting machine not using the air, the air compressor will suspend work, which saves more electricity.


4-Stage Filter

Water Filter, Oil Filter, 1um Particle Filter, 0.001PPM Particle Filter,
Designed with high-quality German-made filter material to get the cleanest air for laser cutting.

Freeze Dryer

It is an important part to help to freeze the air and remove the water, and the humidity of the air to help us to get clean and dry air for laser cutting.

Air Dryer
control pannel

PLC Controller

Easy control 4-in-one air compressor, English version, Enable Auto reminder for maintenance.

Big Cooling Fan

Big capacity cooling fan, to meet the demands of the high-temperature industrial metalworking workshop, stable air compressor support, and stable laser cutting.

cooling fan


As a manufacturer of laser cutting machines, we care about how you are using the laser cutting machine, so we offer you an air compressor to help to save you money and energy, if you have any questions about air compressor in the laser cutting concept, please feel free to contact us.


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If you have any questions about the Air Compressor, please free to contact us.
A Professional 18 years team of laser cutting supports you to improve your metalworking productivity.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Air Compressor for Laser Cutting Machine 

    (1) What is the difference of the Air assistant laser cutting?

    Normally we use Oxygen at low pressure for cutting carbon steel, with slow cutting speed but it can cut thick carbon steel, for example, a 3kw laser cutting machine, can maximum cutting carbon steel up to 20mm.
    And we use high-pressure Nitrogen for cutting stainless steel at high pressure, to get a clean white cutting edge.
    Air assistant laser cutting is high-pressure similar to nitrogen,
    As you know, Air is a mixed gas composed of around 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gas,  so we got the brown color cutting edge when you use air to assistant cutting stainless steel, and carbon steel also with black color but not reach mirror surface as oxygen gas did.

    (2) Which air compressor I Should Choose for my laser machine?

    It is a good question, in our experience, I believe the below information is helpful for you.

    Laser Power Air Pressure Air Compressor
    1.5kw 1.6MPA 15KW
    3kw 1.6MPA 15KW/22KW
    6kw 1.6MPA 22KW
    12kw 2.0MPA 37KW
    20kw 2.0MPA 37KW

    (3)How thick steel can be use by your air compressor?

    We need to consider the airflow, air pressure, the purity of the compressed air, and the power of the air compressor.
    Please refer to the below table of how thick steel can be cut with different laser power with air assistance.

    Laser Power Air Pressure Air Compressor CS Cutting Thickness SS Cutting Thickness
    1.5kw 1.6MPA 15KW 2MM 2MM
    3kw 1.6MPA 15KW/22KW 3MM 5MM
    6kw 1.6MPA 22KW 6MM 10MM
    12kw 2.0MPA 37KW 12MM 25MM
    20kw 2.0MPA 37KW 20MM 40MM

    (4) What about the maintenance of the Air compressor?

    It is easy, we will share you the video guide, just need to replace the oil of the pump, and the filter of the oil and water.

    (5) What is the consumption of the Air Compressor in one month?

    Different options,
    15kw 22kw 37kw

    (6) How do I buy Your Air Compressor?

    Please Email

    Please Call or WhatsApp +8615989138812