New Tech Handheld Laser Welding Machine


1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W

Smooth Welding joint, No need for further polishing
Small heat-affected zone, No deformation,
New Generation, Stable, and Safety
4X-10X fast than MIG Welding
Easy to Use, Freshmen use it with 2 hours of training.
Flexible to match your production line and Robot

AirWelder – More Productivity & Flexibility

AirWelder is a new handheld laser welding system that is more flexible, precise, and easy to use than traditional MIG & TIG welders.

the AirWelder offers faster welding speeds, and delivers consistent, high-quality results on a variety of materials and thicknesses, with low heat input and an aesthetically pleasing weld surface, using Minimal or no filler wire.

AirWelder Laser Welding Samples

How AirWelder Works in Industry


AirWelder has been used in different industrial applications,
consistent working, and high-quality welding results,
please check the videos for more ideas about handheld laser welding.

Why AirWelder Outstanding

laser welding technology 800x600

1070nm Fiber Laser Optics

AirWelder adopts fiber laser welding technology and high-quality beam adjusting capacity, which essentially improves the efficiency and effect of welding, especially good for stainless steel and aluminum.

AirWelder – is Fast & Easy to Set Up

Plug in the Power Supply, Refill the water for cooling, Connect the gas supply, Power on, Enable the signal clamp, and Start Laser welding.

Easy set up
air welder sample

Strong Welding Capacity

AirWelder provides 1000W-3000W laser power options to meet different welding needs, and at the same time, you can easily adjust different power and speed through the operation panel, directly call the preset parameters, and simply adjust according to different materials and thicknesses, to get the best welding Effect.

Flexible Welding

The AirWelder comes standard with a 10-meter-long transmission optical cable that can be used flexibly to weld larger workpieces, an interlocking device for operator safety, and support for electric wire feeder with laser head, optional 3-in-one laser welding, laser cutting, and laser cleaning function is optional.

Airwelder Handeld welding gun
Stainless steel corner welding

Less Heat-affected, No Polishing

AirWelder laser welding has a small heat-affected zone and requires no post-processing grinding or polishing, increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs per part.

Robot Welding Automation

When you have large production of products that need to be welded with the same path, AirWelder is allowed you to fit with a Robot, to achieve welding Automation.
Just more than Handheld.

Robot AirWelder
Laser Safety Goggle

Laser Safety Glasses OD7+

AirWelder is a Class IV laser system and safety precautions are required. 1070 nm MUST wear laser safety glasses with optical density 1060 – 1070nm OD 7+.

Different Welding Nozzles

AirWelder designs different types of welding nozzles to reach different welding results, Inside corner nozzle, outside corner nozzle, flat nozzle, wire feeding nozzle, and cutting nozzle.

Welding Nozzles


AirWedler Control system support multi-languages, now support English, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Malay, Arabic, Persian, Polish, and Coming more languages available.


we are working to set up more local service centers to offer demo laser machines, sample welding testing, and after-sales service,
GYC laser respects our clients from different cities and was founded in 2010.
ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing standard to guarantee high-quality laser cutting & welding machine.


AirWelder with Certificats


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    AirWelder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    (1) What is AirWelder?

    AirWelder is a Handheld Laser Welder Machine, it is a kind of new tech laser welding, with no further polishing, especially good for welding stainless steel and aluminum.
    And it is easy to use Anywhere, like the Air. (Pretty sure you need one)

    (2) What materials can the fiber laser handheld welding machine weld? And the Thickness?

    Airwelder laser welding machines have been used for welding 0.4-7.0mm thick Stainless Steel, Galvanized sheet, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, and other metal materials.

    MATERIAL Assistant Gas THICKNESS(mm) 1000w 1500W 2000W 3000W
    1.2 ok ok OK OK
    1.5 ok ok OK OK
    2.0 ok OK OK
    2.5 OK OK
    3.0 OK OK
    4.0 OK OK
    CS-CARBON STEEL CO2 1.0 ok ok OK OK
    1.2 ok ok OK OK
    1.5 ok ok OK OK
    2.0 ok OK OK
    2.5 OK OK
    3.0 OK OK
    6.0 OK OK
    1.2 ok ok OK OK
    1.5 ok OK OK
    2.0 OK OK
    2.5 OK OK
    3.0 OK OK
    ALUMINUM CO2 1.0 ok ok OK OK
    1.2 ok ok OK OK
    1.5 ok OK OK
    2.0 OK OK
    2.5 OK OK
    3.0 OK OK

    (3)How Big a product could be welded by Airwelder?

    It depends on the length welding cable, Normally, an Airwelder laser welding machine is designed with  8-15 meters long fiber cable, and the machine is designed with wheels to move anywhere you are, so you can use it to weld a product up to 8-15 meters big, and bring outdoor is possible if you offer power supply to it.

    (4) Is it easy to use? I know nothing about laser welding.

    Of course, Airwelder is an easy use handheld laser welding machine, you can use it freely after watching the video guide, practice makes perfect, Welding experience will help you to see the possibilities of laser welding technology.

    (5) Is the laser beam constant or can it be pulsed?

    AirWelder offers two modes of operation to match your welding needs:
    Continuous – the laser is on constantly for maximum penetration and travel speed
    Pulsed mode – Airwelder pulse mode will help you to get the fish scale welding, Better control the laser output, and less heat input to the material.

    (6) What is the duty cycle?

    You can run AirWelder at 100% duty cycle at the maximum 1500 watts of laser power.
    The power is adjustable from 1% to 100%, so you have 3000w you just enable 50% to get 1500w output.
    AirWelder is water cooling, so it is available for continuous working up to 24hrs/days, but that is not recommended, machine is available, but not the operator.

    (7) If Airwelder includes the wire feeder?

    Yes, All the machine with wire feeder, It is motorized, Auto feed wire when you press the trigger,
    Airwelder 1000 watts with 0.8-1.0mm wire,
    Airwelder 1500 watts can take 0.8-1.6mm wire,
    Airwelder 2000-3000 watts can take wire.

    (8) What is the difference between LIGHTWELD and Airwelder?

    Lightweld is presented by IPG laser, the famous and leading company of laser sources,
    Lightweld is built in with air cooling laser source IPG 1500w continuous type, compact size, good welding quality, selling around 20K USD.
    Airwelder is built in with water cooling laser source, stable running in a hot environment, and laser source we offer different options, IPG laser, Raycus laser, Max laser, RECI laser, etc.
    Simple to say, Lightweld VS Airwelder, Airwelder delivers Similar Welding results, Less Cost.

    (9) What is the spares parts, lifespan?

    Airwelder is a laser machine, and also a welding machine, so it requires some optics and welding nozzles as spares,

    1. Protective lens, for protecting the dust that gets into the laser head, and damages the lens and laser optic system, Normally just 10pc a Month. This is related to the situation of usage. Sometimes we can use it for a long time without any damage, while others will be damaged one by one.
    2. In our experience, when just starting to use it, the wrong operation is happens, we need to prepare a few pieces for replacement in case of damage.
    3. The welding Nozzle is similar to the plasma welding nozzle, made of copper, and it requires 3 pcs a month. you can take it as a reference.
    4. Focus Lens, normally there is no need for the lens, just in case, we recommend you keep 1 pcs in stock.
    5. Welding wire is a normal welding wire, which you can buy in the local shop, and there are different materials depending on the kinds of material you are welding.
    Parts Life Span
    Protective lens 10PCS/month
    Welding Nozzle 5pcs/month
    Focus lens continuous working if no damage, recommend keeping one.
    Welding Wire Normal welding wire, Depends on usage.

    (10) Can I Resell Airwelder in My City?

    A: We welcome friends from all over the world to work together, let’s spread the new technology for welding, and improve the welding quality and efficiency,
    Let’s join together to share this opportunity of welding technology.

    (11) What is the Difference between Air Cooling and Water Cooling Laser Welder?

    Air Cooling & Water Cooling Laser Welder
    1. Why do Laser welders need cooling?
    because the Photoelectric conversion rate of the laser is not 100%, around 30-50%, so requires a cooling system for cooling it.
    2. Air cooling means it was cooling via Fan, which could be a compact design, less weight, and easy to carry anywhere.
    3. Water Cooling means cooling via a water chiller, obviously, it requires replacing the distilled water once a month, little complicated,

    The future laser welder could be an ideal model with less weight, good welding quality, stable running, and less cost.
    A.Now laser welder with air cooling is more expensive, and is good for small-duty working, if the laser source gets heated, then alarms, and stops.
    B. The laser welder with water cooling is cost-friendly and continuously works stable 24hrs/day, and the laser power up to 3000w.


    (12) Will you offer OEM service?

    A: OEM service is available, we will support you with a creative R&D team, two manufacturing centers, a superior supply chain partnership of lasers, a strong technical support team, etc.
    We believe that we will be the one who fully supports you to realize your unique brand dream of new technology laser welding.

    (13) How do I buy AirWelder?

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