The GYC Laser Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a FAST CUT Model 1530FC, cutting speed up to 80 meters/min, dual servo drive, Steel welded bed with heat treatment along with aluminum X bream to ensure the high precision cutting. Open type design, a single table make easy maintenance, adopt advanced fiber-optic laser source which shows great advantages for sheet metal cutting, such as stainless steel sheet cutting, carbon steel sheet cutting, galvanized steel sheet cutting, etc.



PRO CUT is the professional fiber laser cutting machine series, High fiber laser power up to 12kw for cutting stainless steel up to 40mm. why we need higher power for the sheet metal cutting? In the sheet metal cutting industry, Efficiency is very important, for example, a 1kw fiber laser power machine can cut 10mm carbon steel, but no one will consider of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine for 10mm carbon steel sheet production, at least they will think about 3kw. This also why most of the metal fabricators around the world prefer the PRO CUT because this series equips the enclosed body to make it safe production, and the exchanging table will definitely improve your production efficiency. PRO CUT has been widely using In the heavy industry, for automotive parts cutting, steel structure cutting, sheet metal fabrication center, construction steel cutting, etc. Contact us to get the PRO CUT to bloom your business.



Obviously, the GYC Laser ADVANCE CUT series was born for cutting steel sheets & steel tubes, two in one, the combo fiber laser cutting machine which offers great advantages for the customer who needs to cut sheets and tubes. Normally it is for sheet metal cutting, when you want to cut the tube, just shift to tube cutting mode and move the laser head to the rotary attachment area, But it requires to use of Solidworks software to make a 3D design before you start the cutting. Open-type design, to make the loading and unloading easier, and we offer two length options of the rotary attachment, 3 meters long and 6 meters long. If you are looking for professional tube cutting such as cutting T-Bar, L-Angle, I-Beam, Chanel steel, we will recommend you to refer to the EASY TUBE.



The EASY TUBE laser cutting machine which design for easy cutting metal tubes such as Round Tube, Square Tube, Rectangular tube,T-Bar, L-Angle, I-Beam, Chanel steel, etc. It equips with a Simple 3D tube operating system, high precision, and professionalism, suitable for profile cutting, widely used in sports equipment, petroleum pipelines, chemical products, and other industries. Can cut carbon steel as well as stainless steel. The cutting length is 6 meters.


A handheld fiber laser welding machine is a new technology fiber laser welding machine, which already improved a lot of the welding quality, especially for thin stainless steel welding,  The welding speed is 5 times faster than the traditional welding way, easy to use, even a freshman can use it freely after 1-hour simple training. Equips with a high-quality fiber laser source with a long life span, welding laser power is adjustable for thin and thick steel welding no need for experience to use it. and the welding seam is smooth, free polishing, safe, and environmentally friendly.

APPLICABLE INDUSTRY: Metal Welding, Manufacturing of Electrical switches, Elevator manufacturing, Household appliances manufacturing, Kitchenware manufacturing, Processing tools, and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.


Laser rust cleaning is a very disruptive technology to the traditional cleaning process. ROI is much more and faster than the other cleaning process. Compared with traditional cleaning methods such as chemical, sandblasting, dry ice, and ultrasonic, the GYC laser cleaning machine has the advantages of environmental protection in the cleaning process, high cleaning efficiency, high cleanliness, and no damage to the original material, it is handheld and portable design, easy to use just one operator required.

Based on new technology fiber laser cleaning research and development experience, we can provide customers with completed laser cleaning equipment and customized laser cleaning solutions, It has been widely used in cleaning Cultural relics, such as stone and bronzes, Mold cleaning, laser Tire Mold Cleaning, Rust removal, paint removal, Aero craft de-painting, Degreasing, Pre-welding treatment operations, Oxide removal, Coating, and paint stripping, etc. Contact us now to get one handheld laser cleaning machine to get you away from the Rust!