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As a Strategic Partner of Raycus laser, GYC laser offer Various laser solutions since 2010, we are the one who can offer you the original Raycus fiber laser with technical support of laser cutting, laser welding and laser cleaning application.

Raycus Laser Your Core Power


China High Tech Enterprise, Specializing R&D, and Manufacturing Fiber Laser Source with Vertical Key Components and Materials Production line. With National Innovation Team of Fiber Optic Researching Center.

Different Functional Fiber Laser Sources Have been used for laser marking, laser cleaning, laser cutting and laser welding.



Single module continuous-wave Raycus fiber laser source widely used for steel cutting, 1kw-3kw, the 3rd generation product,  China #1 laser source manufacturing, high Photoelectric conversion rate up to 37%. Long life span up to 100,000hrs, free maintenance.



Fiber-delivered direct diode Raycus laser source is mainly used in welding, hardening, and cladding. Medium power is used for thin metal heat conduction welding. High power is used for hardening applications which is preventing surface wear while preserving the metallurgical properties of the base material.
Laser cladding is an additive process that uses the laser to melt specific materials to the worn-out part of the substrate to repair the workpiece instead of re-manufacture new workpieces. Cladding is widely used in the repair of large precision parts, such as large molds, turbine power equipment, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery reparing.



High power Raycus laser source is a type of continuous-wave laser source, max power up to 30kw, cutting capacity up to 50mm steel, have been used for cutting stainless steel with high cutting speed. Also used for Welding, Cladding, 3D Printing, and other metal surface Treatment.

Raycus laser Pulsed 30QS
Raycus laser Pulsed 30QS


Raycus Q-switched pulsed fiber laser,laser power 20-100W, is the first choice for industrial marking and micromachining. Advantages with high peak power, high single pulse energy. It is widely used in marking, precision processing of plastic, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.



Continuous Wave Raycus laser sources are hot selling for cutting stainless steel and carbon steel, now more and more laser machine user and fabricators are expecting to have one powerful laser cutting machine with laser source power 6kw to 12kw, it will cover most of your steel cutting works with rapid cutting speed, and the cost is reasonable of Raycus laser source.



Raycus quasi-continuous wave fiber laser source with long pulse width and high peak value, higher electro-optical conversion rate, alternative laser source of lamp-pumped YAG laser.
Good at spot welding, seam welding, drilling, precision welding, ceramic cutting and scribing, power battery copper, and aluminum welding.



Multi-functional Raycus fiber laser source with the shutter allows you to enable cutting, welding, drilling, and cladding function with switching speed quickly and take less than 45ms, fiber diameter adjustable range from 200-1000μm, Application industry Automobile Manufacturing body welding.

blue raycus fiber laser
blue raycus fiber laser


Blue diode Raycus fiber laser sources have been widely using for welding gold, silver, copper kind of nonferrous metals, Blue laser wavelength around 450nm, high absorptivity in nonferrous metal, which was recognized as high reflective material in the laser process. Application industry like New energy battery welding, 3C electronic parts welding, and alloy welding.

adjustable raycus laser source
adjustable raycus laser source


Beam Adjustable Raycus fiber laser source is a new technology laser source with the adjustable power of the core/ring core independently, the advantages are No spatter during welding, Stable weld form, and good consistency, the welding path is larger and stable, with a small temperature influence.

Various Raycus Fiber Laser Source for Cutting, Welding, Cleaning, Quenching, Cladding.















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    Raycus Fiber Laser -The Ultimate FAQs Guide

    Are you looking for an efficient fiber laser source? Not sure which supplier is selling the most reliable and durable fiber laser source for making laser machine?
    Don’t worry! Raycus has introduced various fiber laser machine series to help you out.
    After the detailed research, we have gathered helpful information about the Raycus fiber laser source and how you can get the right one.
    Let’s get started.

    Raycus laser source

    Figure 1: Raycus Fiber Laser

    What is Raycus Fiber Laser?

    Raycus fiber laser is a highly stable laser source with highly efficient electro-optical conversions.
    For enhanced action and high performance, the laser source can be customized according to the requirements of the tasks.

    Along with the customized laser output, the frequency of the pulsed laser output can also be adjusted at various wavelengths.
    For instance, the action against plastic objects requires high pulse generation and laser source for more acceptable marking efficiency.

    Furthermore, this Raycus fiber laser has the following characteristic properties:
    -high Peak Intensity.
    -Intense Single Pulse Density.
    -Spot Diameter (optional)
    These properties have made Raycus fiber laser a widely used component in precision processing, marking, and accurate operations.

    Raycus Fiber Optic Path

    Typically, the process can be carried out on various non-metals such as silver, gold, aluminum, copper, and low reflective materials like stainless steel.
    Furthermore, the method is cost-effective and promotes maintenance-free operations.

    However, choosing the right Raycus laser source for the operation is necessary as it varies from task to task.
    For example, the higher the laser power is, the higher its penetration power and perfection in marking tasks.

    Typically, 20 and 30-watt laser output is used in various market applications.
    Moreover, the reason behind the success of Raycus laser is its highly stable results in marking applications than other traditional methods available.

    Additionally, Raycus fiber lasers are distributed in various series, such as:
    -MOPA Series.
    -Continuous Wave Series.
    -Laser Welding Series.

    raycus pumping source

    Raycus Pumping Source 

    Are Raycus Fiber Lasers Good (Stable, How is the Cutting Quality)?

    Raycus fiber lasers are good in all aspects, whether cutting quality, precision, or marking abilities.
    Technically, the fiber laser machine is famous for its good efficiency against all metals and a limited range of plastics.
    Furthermore, the laser outsources generated are highly stable to penetrate the material.

    However, it is not deep enough, which limits the cutting capability of Raycus to a smaller range of materials.
    It is because the pulse frequency of the laser beam is 20Hz to 80Hz. Therefore the customers can not benefit from it for broad applications.

    Moreover, the Raycus fiber laser produces an intense laser beam, which is highly stable to deliver high-performance outcomes in shorter periods.


    Figure 2 Good Raycus Fiber Laser Source

    What’s The Difference Between Raycus, JPT, Max, and IPG Fiber Laser Source?

    The difference between Raycus, JPT, Max, and IPF fiber sources is enormous. Some of the significant differences are described below:


    Figure 3 Difference Between JPT, Max, Raycus and IPG laser

    1. Raycus laser

    Raycus is a laser brand that is popular for its cost-effective rates and quality engraving laser marking.
    Furthermore, it possesses a short range of frequency, making it a suitable choice for engraving on the surface.
    Besides, it doesn’t facilitate its consumers with uncountable benefits. It is still the priority of industries due to its high efficiency and production rates.

    2. IPG laser

    For the most efficient engraving and high stability, manufacturers choose IPG.
    Typically, these lasers are beneficial in producing high-quality jewelry and stable electronic parts.
    Consequently, the IPG lasers are capable of marking almost any material with practical outcomes.

    3. Max laser

    Another laser power source famous for its wallet-friendly rates is Max, known for its stable operations.
    Moreover, it has a small window of varying pulse frequency from 20Hz- 80Hz, making it an ideal selection for short engraving tasks.

    4. JPT laser

    JPT is a Singaporean laser brand known for its low-cost and short-range frequency (20Hz to 80 Hz).
    Practically, the brand helps produce high-level engraving results with more excellent stability and efficiency.

    What are the Advantages of Raycus Fiber Laser?

    The advantages of Raycus fiber lasers are many. Some of them are discussed below:

    1. Protection Window

    The Raycus laser machines are equipped with a QBH quartz crystal protection mechanism at windows for standard safety measures.
    Additionally, there is a probability of generating higher environmental pollution.
    With the help of the protective window, the fiber head is kept safe from contamination.

    Also, the windows protect from causing burning accidents during the assembling of parts and later maintenance procedures.
    With all the safety precautions and environmental aspects kept in mind, Raycus offers free replacement for first polluted and burnt windows.

    2. Complete On-Site Maintenance

    If you are experiencing any malfunctioning in the machine, Raycus is there to serve its users with on-site maintenance packages.
    Whether it is about the transmission of optical modules, fibers, or combiners, Raycus takes responsibility for the replacement.

    3. Spare Parts Replacement

    In case of significant malfunctioning in the unit, Raycus has several after-sale plans and replacement policies for spare parts of the machines.
    With flexible returning and replacing policies, Raycus will benefit you with the same machine as the original one.
    To that end, Raycus ensures to continue the tasks and work line with the fastest turnaround time possible.

    4. Warranty Plan

    While operating Raycus fiber laser, any redundant laser power or attenuation of the laser source will restore the machine for factory reset.
    Working with Raycus lasers will benefit the user with the 2 years replacement warranty claim if there is any laser failure within a year.

    5. Industry Integration

    Raycus has integrated and coordinated with two companies to ensure the production and alignment of products through a single system.
    Furthermore, all of them are simultaneously focused and working effectively to fulfill the same goals and achievements.

    Which Type of Raycus Laser Source Is Being Used for Cutting Metal?

    Various types of Raycus laser sources are being used for cutting metals. Some of them are briefly described as follows:

    1. Multi-Module Continuous Wave Fiber laser

    Raycus fiber lasers offer a wide range of continuous-wave multi-module fiber lasers with ranges from 3000Watt to 30kW.

    ● Technical Aspects 

    These laser machines consist of higher electro-optical transformation capabilities with customized fiber output length.
    Furthermore, it also offers output cables, maintenance-free operational opportunities, and wide frequency ranges.
    Moreover, all the units are small in size with easy installation procedures.

    ● Optical Characteristics

    These Raycus fiber laser machines have various customizable options, including a customized QBH connector and a custom fiber output core (100µm).
    It also includes an output fiber with a length of ≤20 meters.

    ● Other Properties

    These machines are operational at temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C with a water cooling mechanism.
    Mostly, the weight of these laser machines depends on their power. The higher the laser power, the more will be the weight of the machines.

    ● Applications

    Moreover, these working units are used for cutting, welding, 3D sintering, surface treatment, and cladding operations.

    2. Single-Module Continuous Wave Fiber Laser

    The single module continuous wave fiber laser machines are developed with ranges from 300W- 3000W.

    ● Technical Properties

    These new fiber machines consist of 1000watt electro-optical conversion density with customizable fiber length.
    Usually, it is available with maintenance-free operations and a QBH connector with a wide frequency range.
    Practically, the machines are small in size and can be easily installed.

    ● Optical Characteristics

    The output fiber and fiber core diameter can be customized according to the needs and requirements.
    Usually, the beam quality is 1.3 with the random polarization state of the unit.

    ● Other Aspects

    Typically, the single module fiber laser machines are less weight with a defined operational temperature ranging from 10°C to 40°C.
    Also, the machine is equipped with a water-cooling system to protect it from heating.

    Figure 4: Single-Module CW Fiber Laser Machine

    What are the Available Welding Raycus Fiber Lasers?

    The available welding Raycus fiber lasers are described below:

    1. Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Blue Laser (500W)

    Generally, the fiber-delivered diode with blue laser technology is helpful for welding silver, copper, gold, and non-ferrous metals.
    The welding can get new batteries, alloy welding, 3C, and other relative fields.
    Along with a blue laser, infrared action is also necessary to accomplish the tasks with the same intensity.

    ● Technical Properties

    The machine has high stability, a superb beam quality, and enhanced absorption capability over non-ferrous metals.

    ● Physical Properties

    Primarily, the machine’s infrastructure is made up of carbon steel with the properties such as high strength, reliability, and enhanced stability.
    Moreover, the machine is assembled with a convenient water passage and stable way of ventilation.
    For accessible transportation and safety reasons, the four handles are installed on the front and rear sides of the machines.

    ● Electrical Aspects

    Technically, the entire unit is programmed with easy installation and easier interaction capabilities.
    With multiple inbuilt detections and inspections systems, it is ensured that the machine is operating correctly.

    2. Welding Fiber Laser

    Raycus welding fiber laser machine is a high-power shutter machine with upto 6000W laser intensity.
    Practically, the equipment is helpful in effective drilling, welding, cutting, and cladding simultaneously.

    ● Benefits of Shutter Technology

    It provides enhanced coupling intensity close to 96% with a quick switching time of less than 45ms.
    Moreover, the machine is installed with safe electrical, mechanical, monitoring, and controlling mechanisms.

    ● Applications

    Typically, this technique is used in car manufacturing, metallurgy, and medical equipment for enhanced efficiency.


    Figure 5: Welding Fiber Laser Machine

    3. ABP Welding Fiber Laser

    This is the most advanced and new generation welding machine with an adjustable beam profile.
    With the customized optical fiber technology, Raycus developed various output sources such as ring spot, mixed spot, Gaussian spot, etc.

    ● Technical Perspective

    The body of the machine is made up of an entire fiber structure with high stability and reliability.
    Furthermore, the optical module is paired into the core layering and ring core layering to the fiber output.
    Consequently, the power of the ring core is independently adjusted with shorter switching times (typically in ms).

    ● Applications

    With the independently adjustable welding mechanism, the center spot power and ring spot can act more effectively.
    The persistent and stable uninterrupted weld seam formation to operate the mechanisms.
    Additionally, the temperature gradient is slight, and the liquid pool is more stable and significant, adequate for high performance.

    What are the Best QCW Raycus Fiber Lasers?

    The best QCW Raycus fiber laser machine is briefly discussed below:

    QCW Fiber Laser (150W)

    The QCW fiber laser is a series introduced by Raycus starting from 75Watt to 300 Watts, with stable optical quality and low maintenance expenses.
    Furthermore, the entire series is beneficial for performing various operations such as boring, seam welding, spot welding, and so on.

    ● Technical Characteristics

    The series efficiently works on two modes, namely continuous wave, and pulse action.
    With a peak output of about 3000W, this laser machine generates highly stable performance.
    Additionally, the machine possesses exceptional light beam quality with excellent air-cooled heat squandering.

    ● Optical Properties

    While operating on CW mode, the machine uses the power of 250W. While working on a pulse mode, it uses only 150W.
    Furthermore, the maximum output power energy is 1500W, and the maximum pulse energy is about 15W.
    Moreover, the machine generates a red laser with a power stability of ±1.5%.

    ● Other Aspects

    Basically, the dimensions of a QCW fiber laser machine are approximately 420x190x485, including handles.
    Furthermore, these laser machines are relatively lighter in weight (typically less than 40 kgs) than others available in the market.
    Practically, the machine has an air-cooling system with a temperature radiant from 0°C to 40°C.

    ● Applications

    Generally, this series of fiber lasers are efficiently used and purchased by renowned suppliers like gyclaser as an alternative for YAG lasers.
    Also, they are widely applicable for precision cutting, power battery weldings, ceramics cutting, spot welding, soldering, and PCB welding.

    QCW Raycus Fiber Lasers

    Figure 6: QCW Fiber Laser Machines

    What are the Available High-Power Pulsed Raycus Fiber Lasers?

    The available high-power pulsed Raycus fiber lasers consist of multiple laser machines with varying intensities of laser outsource.

    Nowadays, many industries buy Raycus High-power pulsed fiber laser series from a trusted supplier such as gyclaser with application experience sharing and laser machine technical support to enhance productivity.

    Typically, this series contains the following power sources:

    • 200W High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser
    • 500W High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser
    • 1000W High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser
    • 2000W High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser

    The latest series of laser machines developed by Raycus is High-Power Pulsed Machines with an average output range from 200 to 2000W.

    Technically, these machines are popular due to their uniform interface, adjustable frequency, enhanced pulse energy, and fantastic beam quality.

    Moreover, the machine has a random polarization state with a varying pulse range depending on the laser power source of the devices.

    Furthermore, the repetition frequency of this series is about 10 to 50 kHz with the power stability of ±5%.

    Typically, the high-power pulsed fiber laser series has a window of power adjustment from 10% to 100%.

    Consequently, the machines have a water-cooling system with an operating temperature ranging from 10°C to 40°C.

    Usually, the 200W High-Pulse machines are used for rust removal, oil cleaning, mold surface treatments, paint stripping, and pre-treatment welding surfaces.

    These machines are also helpful in the shipping industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, and tire manufacturing.

    What are the Available Q-Switched Pulsed Raycus Fiber Lasers?

    The available Q-switched pulsed Raycus fiber laser is a series introduced by Raycus for the micromachining and industrial marking processes.

    With advanced features such as efficient single-pulse energy, accelerated peak power, and optional spot diameter, the series is applicable in multiple fields.

    Typically, the Q-switched series is used in precise processing, marking, and graphic engraving of non-metals, including copper, silver, gold, and aluminum.

    Also, these machines generate high-performance results over non-reflective materials such as stainless steel.

    With enhanced effectiveness, the laser machines of this series are cost-effective and consist of stable performances.

    Additionally, renowned laser machines suppliers such as gyclaser are proudly associated with the Raycus Q-switched series.

    It consists of the following laser power machines:

    • 20W Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber Laser.
    • 50W Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber Laser.
    • 100W Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber Laser.

    1. Technical Aspects

    This series’s laser machines consist of enhanced laser output, stable single-pulse energy, and increased marking capability.

    Usually, the laser power output range varies from 20W to 100W in the entire series.

    Due to its maintenance-free operations, the tasks can be completed in less time with reliable outcomes.

    2. Optical Characteristics

    Typically, the minimum power range for the series is 20W, while the highest one is 100W.

    The laser machines possess different central wavelengths according to their power output with a repetition frequency of about 20 to 200 kHz.

    3. Other Properties

    Moreover, the Q-switched laser machines are equipped with an air-cooling system and a stable ventilation system.

    The temperature radiant of these machines is about 0°C to 40°C.

    4. Applications

    The Raycus Q-switched laser machines are used for rust removal, molding surface treatment, and paint stripping.

    Moreover, they are also applicable in pre-treatment welding areas, oil cleaning, and portrait stone surface treatments.

    What are the Available MOPA Raycus Fiber Lasers?

    The available MOPA fiber laser machines possess advanced technology with a short-pulse laser introduced by Raycus.

    Typically, the leading laser machine manufacturers like gyclaser are incorporated with Raycus to produce these high-power and multiple pulse width machines for laser marking and welding.

    Moreover, the average power output for the entire series ranges from 20W to 200W, depending upon the requirements.

    Generally, the series is helpful for industries for solar voltaic, thin-film cutting, welding, refined marking, surface cleaning, etc.

    Commonly, the series consists of the following available power output machines:

    • 30W MOPA Fiber Lasers.
    • 100W MOPA Fiber Lasers.
    • 200W MOPA Fiber Lasers.

    1. Technical Aspects

    Technically, these laser machines comprise a uniform and stable interface with multiple frequency range options.

    Furthermore, it has a customized pulse width with high beam quality.

    Usually, the laser output power range from 30W to 200W with varying central wavelengths.

    2. Optical Characteristics

    The repetition frequency of the MOPA series ranges from 20kHz to 1000kHz with a stable output power of less than 5%.

    Moreover, these machines are equipped with a customizable pulse width range and delivery cable length.

    3. Other Properties

    Along with technical and optical aspects, the MOPA laser series machines are installed with an air-cooling system.

    Also, the working temperature for these machines starts from 0°C to 40°C.

    4. Applications

    Typically, these fiber laser machines are used in film cutting, anodic aluminum etching, precise and colorful marking processes.

    Moreover, they are utilized for texture treatment, surface heat, and precision cleaning techniques.

    What is the Available Raycus Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Lasers?

    The available Raycus fiber delivered direct diode lasers is a series of high to low power laser output used explicitly for welding of common material thickness.

    Typically, it melts the two parts to join them and then cools them for the welding seam.

    Additionally, these laser machines are famous for their pore-free and smooth welding actions.

    Moreover, trusted suppliers like gyclaser are proudly associated with Raycus for the following direct diode laser machines:

    • 100Watt Fiber Delivered Diode Direct Laser.
    • 500Watt Fiber Delivered Diode Direct Laser.
    • 2000Watt Fiber Delivered Diode Direct Laser.
    • 6000Watt Fiber Delivered Diode Direct Laser.

    Technically, the power output of the whole series ranges from 100Watt to 6000 Watts.

    Furthermore, the modulation frequency ranges from 50Hz to 5000Hz with red light indicating power.

    Commonly, these laser machines are widely used in gas power plants, steel rolling devices, mining machines, and extensive molding.

    Where to Buy the Original Raycus Fiber Laser Source?

    To buy the original Raycus fiber laser source, there can be two ways:

    1. Contact Directly

    Preferably, it will be intelligent to contact Raycus directly and ask them about your queries and their products.
    Moreover, if you are a laser machine manufacturer, Raycus is looking for a distributor as they want to sell their machines as a retailer.

    2. Fiber Laser Source Seller

    Another way to buy genuine and authentic Raycus laser products is to contact Raycus’s manufacturer partners, such as gyclaser.

    They have been experienced in laser machine manufacturing for over the years and will facilitate you with free installation service.
    Whether you are buying a single machine or multiple, no matter if it is 1kW or 12kW, the gyclaser is dedicated to guiding you about the cutting parameters.

    Also, they are ready to serve you with experience in different applications cutting, cleaning, welding in different industries.

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