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Raycus Laser is committed to the development of multi-type laser optic laser sources for different industry solutions.
Raycus products
cover multi-module continuous fiber lasers, single-module continuous fiber lasers, Quasi-continuous fiber lasers, Q-switched pulsed fiber lasers, MOPA pulsed fiber lasers, etc.
Raycus laser is world popular fiber laser source for laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser cladding, and laser cleaning application. 

Chinese State-owned holding Laser Manufacturer


Raycus laser is a high-tech enterprise, member of the China National Torch Program, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of fiber lasers and components.
Raycus laser has a national innovation team for high-power fiber lasers. Global influential fiber laser R&D, production, and service provider with vertical integration capabilities from materials, devices to complete laser machines.
Raycus laser provides various types of fiber laser products and application solutions for laser manufacturing equipment with customized ability.



Single module CW Raycus laser source is used for metal fabrication industry, excellent cutting quality of stainless steel with clean cutting edge, no any burning burrs, and the cost is reasonable, no matter you want it to build a new machine or replacement to update your own laser cutting machine, it is your right laser source.



New technology direct diode fiber laser source present by raycus laser company, if you working with a solution like laser welding, laser hardening, and laser cladding. come and get this new laser technology to empower your laser machine.



Extremely High power Raycus laser source up to 30kw, crazy cutting capacity up to 50mm steel, but no one will use it for cutting so thick steel, now in the market, most of the laser technical team will use for cutting stainless steel up to 20mm with a high speed, increase the production efficiency to save the gas cost, as you know the high-pressure nitrogen gas cost is very high.

Raycus laser Pulsed 30QS
Raycus laser Pulsed 30QS


The 1st choice of laser marking and laser engraving solutions, Q-switched pulsed raycus laser,  The feature of the pulsed laser is with high peak power in a single pulse. So it is good for laser marking and precision laser processing of plastic, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.



Now more and more laser fabrication centers would like to work with a Continuous Wave Raycus laser source with power 6k and 12kw, compared to 3kw, 6kw cutting carbon steel up to 25mm,  and cutting stainless steel with a good speed, which is very important. The most important reason why the metal fabricator wants to have a laser cutting machine with 6kw or 12kw is the price of it getting more reasonable.



Spot welding, precision welding master, Long pulse width, high peak value, good at Spot welding of battery poles, and spot welding of battery caps, ceramic cutting and scribing, power supply copper, and aluminum welding.

Various Raycus Fiber Laser Source for Cutting, Welding, Cleaning, Quenching, Cladding.


5. What Are The Features Of the Raycus Laser?

The features of the raycus laser are as follows:

  • Air-cooled Cooling method
  • Highly stable laser output
  • 0 to 40 Working Temperature
  • High efficiency of electro-optic conversion
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • High reliability
  • Resistant to High resistance
  • High marking efficiency
  • Customized output fiber length
  • High Single-Pulse Energy
  • Short Pulse Setup time
  • High Reliability
  • high power beam
  • wide energy spectrum
  • low noise level
  • strong current density
  • strong polarization degree.
  • reasonable price
  • wide variety
  • long service life
  • simple structure
  • quick warm-up.

6. What Are The Advantages Of Raycus Laser?

  • Raycus laser is a new kind of low-cost and compact red and NIR laser source, which is based on the latest scientific technology
  • Raycus laser has a high-power energy consumption, strong cutting force, small thermal deformation, enormous surface processing speed of the material, reasonable ablation rate of the material, large processing width, and small processing error.
  • The Raycus Laser is a cost-efficient, high efficient, and energy-saving product in the laser and optical engineering field.
  • Raycus laser adopts advanced laser technology, which has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, broad applicability, small volume, compact structure.
  • Laser Marker is widely used in welding parts of furniture, helmets, and sports goods.
  • It can be used to mark names, numbers, and other characters on the product.
  • The Raycus Laser Marker is used to laser mark rubber, wood, leather, and plastic objects, such as shoe soles, shoes, plastic plates, and swimming caps.
  • Raycus laser is the best machine for cutting, with no distortion of the profile after cutting and no blow on the edge of the part. Besides, it does not have any oil addiction, so there is no secondary pollution to the environment in the cutting area.

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    Raycus Laser – The Definitive FAQ Guide

    The Raycus Laser is an innovative tool that will help you quench, Cladding, Cleaning, Marking & engrave, cut, and welding.
    This guide serves as an essential guide for users purchasing their first Raycus laser machine.
    The Raycus Laser – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a resource for what Raycus Laser is, how it works, its applications in various markets, and much more.
    It is a comprehensive guide supported by unique and thorough observations of everything related to Raycus Laser.

    1. What Is Raycus Laser?

    Raycus Laser is a range of compact, high-power diode lasers ideal for cutting and welding to precision material processing.
    The Raycus Laser specializes in laser-related devices, including laser diodes, laser sources, laser lenses, machine elements like semiconductor diode lasers.


    Figure 1: Raycus Laser Cutting Source

    Raycus laser cutting machine works by directing a high-powered beam of laser light at thin metal sheets.
    The material is quickly heated, resulting in the rapid formation of deeply drawn metal patterns and shrinkage of the cut metal.
    Since the laser beam only penetrates thin material, stack-ups may be formed.

    2. What Is The Working Principle Of Raycus Laser?

    Fiber lasers are solid-state lasers. They are actually lasers that use optical fibers doped with rare earth elements (erbium, thulium, ytterbium) as the active laser medium. The light emitted by these diodes is transmitted to specific optical components through fiber optic cables for wavelength adjustment and release. Hence it is called a fiber laser.


    Automatic Electric Raycus Laser includes a process that uses light energy to cut materials into pieces; this cut both metals and non-metals like fiber and glass.
    With the help of rotary motion to form a laser beamline, which can be cut through almost all metal, plastics, or glass products.
    Manual Raycus Laser uses a high-power laser beam to cut or engrave flat-sheet materials, improve the work’s precision, shorten the processing time, and reduce production costs.
    The output wavelength of the laser beam is ultraviolet with a short wavelength and has a breakneck speed of the light, which helps to cut, engrave, and mark different designs you want.


    When there is only one pump module inside the laser, it is called a single-module laser, and multiple pump modules are combined together, and multiple beams of pump light enter the active fiber through the beam combiner to reach a higher laser power, The laser beam of this kind of multi-module combination is a multi-module laser. Raycus laser multi-module max laser power up to 30kw.


    3. How To Choose The Best Raycus Laser For Steel Cutting?

    It is essential to choose the best laser cutting machine for your industrial use. It is used to cut, engrave, burn, and perforate various metal and non-metal materials like glass. The application of laser metal cutting machines is widely used in industrial production such as Automobile hardware, sheet metal fabrication, environmental protection equipment, Duct Work Production, electrical cabinets making, sports equipment, medical equipment, food machinery manufacturing, metal door and window production, and other industries.
    The main parameters to consider when choosing the best laser cutting machine are:
    the capacity of the device,

    • Laser power,
    • Price of the machine,
    • Accuracy of the device,
    • Size of the working area,
    • Level of automation.

    4. What Kinds Of Application Of Raycus Laser Are There?

    The Raycus series of a high-power diode laser, with high beam quality, high laser efficiency, and high power density, provide a new generation of products from the traditional carbon dioxide laser.
    Because there is no need to use crude oil or valuable gas, it has been developed into a new generation of environmentally friendly industry-oriented products that use electricity as the primary source.
    Raycus Laser’s diode laser technology is used worldwide in many applications, from cutting fibers and other materials to forming and texturizing metals.
    There are many Raycus Laser applications, but the best applications are Laser Cutting, Welding, Cleaning, Marking, Quenching, and Cladding.

    Precautions of Fiber Laser

    Laser Cutting:

    In the process of Laser Cutting, focused high-energy light from a laser source will be absorbed by another material and converted into thermal and kinetic energy and thus leading to volumetric heating and ablation.
    The primary purpose of the Laser Cutter is to eliminate all kinds of waste products, increase dimensional accuracy and surface finish. It is safe for operators and does not produce smoke or other hazardous substances.

    raycus laser welding


    Raycus Laser is integrated into welding systems to increase quality. Using an innovative process, Raycus produces highly stable laser beams that are used for welding.
    Using patented technology, it processes multiple laser wavelengths to enable unique characteristics like high-precision focus and low divergence (the spread of the beam).
    Using the correct wavelength, the Raycus laser can handle the welding of different materials using different tools without changing anything else.


    Raycus Laser is a revolutionary cleaning and renovation method in which a powerful laser light beam, combined with targeted media and industrial cleaning agents, cleans surfaces.
    Simply put, Raycus Laser emits a high-powered burst of infrared light for between 1 and 2000 milliseconds. The laser beam quickly penetrates hard debris such as dirt, grease, and grime (depending on surface), vaporizing it into tiny microparticles.
    Raycus Laser uses a high-power laser to create a heat beam that generates rapid bubbles, which form the foam required for cleaning.
    The laser beam reaches temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius at a range of up to 500m. The system provides a very effective and economical method of cleaning pipes, pools, tanks, and other difficult-to-reach areas.
    The cleaning effect is produced with a Raycus Laser system. Due to this effect, a Raycus Laser is suitable for cleaning many different kinds of surfaces.

    raycus laser marking


    Light is shone onto the material’s surface being marked directly from a laser source, hence Marking. The laser light brings out different wavelengths when it strikes the material surface, depending on the nature of the material.
    The change in wavelength when traveling through other materials gives rise to characterizing their optical properties. Raycus have a direct light beam system in which there is no need for any lenses either in the source or in the device being marked.

    raycus laser quenching


    Raycus Laser is a new type of laser that provides a touchless way to quench steel, glass, ceramics, and other materials, based on the principle of thermodynamics control.
    The focus of quenching is to make clear glass from milky drink, make black steel from grey steel, and avoid over-heating during the high-temperature process.

    raycus laser cladding


    Raycus Laser uses direct diode lasers to make cladding. It is an excellent process for cladding metal at high speeds, producing high-quality coatings at prices competitive with or even below those for plating.
    Raycus laser can be used for cladding on Aluminium, Col.Stainless steel, and High-end steel products.


    7. What Is the Price of Raycus Laser Continuous 3kw?

    The price of the raycus laser varies and depends on several factors. Some of the significant factors which play a significant role in deciding the cost of your raycus laser are as follows:

    • Quality of your raycus laser
    • The materials with which it is made of
    • Types of materials on which you can make use of your raycus laser
    • If there is any warranty associated with your raycus laser
    • The power range of your raycus laser
    • Type of laser it makes use of
    • How long will it go to be last?
    • What quality of engraving associated with your raycus laser

    All these factors decide the cost of your raycus laser.
    In general, the cost of your raycus laser having a laser power residing in the range of 1000 to 30k watts lies in the range of $10,000 to $35,000 per piece.
    On the other hand, a raycus laser having a power of 3000 watts with a warranty of 2 years costs around just US$12,500, with cutting ability of carbon steel thickness up to 20mm.
    The price of the Raycus Laser is Around 15,000-180,000USD. You can Contact raycus strategic partner GYC laser to get the best offer with technical support.
    When you increase the cost associated with your raycus laser, the associated features also increase.

    8. How to Connect/Disconnect Raycus Fiber Laser Source and WSX Laser Cutting Head?

    Connecting Raycus fiber laser source and WSX laser cutting head is more straightforward. Only need to connect at least two pairs of line. Raycus WSX series collimating lenses have an excellent focusing effect, so combining the Raycus fiber laser source and WSX laser cutting head is very simple.
    The two units are connected by one interface cable. Connect the PSU end of the connection cable to the laser source. Connect the WSX end of the connection cable to the cutting head.
    please feel free to contact gyc laser engineer to get the manual


    9. How Can You Use Raycus Laser?

    • Raycus laser sources are very professional industrial products, it requires the full trained engineers to use it, at least you should know what kinds of laser application you need, a function such as cutting, welding, cleaning, marking, cladding, Quenching then we will match you with a matchable laser source. Technical manual and support will be offered to you.
    • Raycus laser is used for burning machining, impact machining uses of raycus laser has Industrial services include welding, cutting, connecting of the chip.
    • It can be used to engrave and cut everything transparent and soft, such as crystal glass, marble, gemstone, plastic, wood, etc.


    • Raycus Laser series can be used as a focusing laser for automatic positioning and adjustment and a power source of high-quality flat light sources for the various test, measurement, and inspection equipment.
    • It is widely used in electronic fields, medicine, military defense, etc.
    • The raycus laser is be used for non-destructive testing and surface quality inspection.
    • Raycus Lasers are used extensively in material processing, drilling, welding, water jetting, machining, material engraving, vaporizing, thermal spraying.

    10. What Precautions Are There to Follow While Using Raycus Laser?

    There are several safety precautions you need to follow while using your raycus laser. Some of the main preventive measures are as follows:

    • Most important is not looking directly into the beam or shining it directly into someone’s eyes. Even a short time of exposure can cause permanent injury to the retina and optical nerve.
    • Avoid touching the mirror surface and adjusting the mirror while it is in use.
    • The operation of a raycus laser in a cleanroom needs careful planning. Due to the nature of the substance being worked on, it is necessary to maintain a very high level of air purity, filter particles from the air, and use appropriate clothing when using this technology.
    • You shouldn’t use your raycus laser if it has any damage.
    • Please don’t change the direction of Raycus while using it because the focusing lens can be damaged.
    • Use in a ventilated area. The raycus laser welding machine can be in a chamber or a room with proper air circulation.
    • To avoid damage to the materials fired under the effect of a laser beam to adjust them during processing by hand or machine should be taken into account that the workpiece moves over a wide range – up to 1 meter away from the focus point to 1mm away from it
    • Be sure that the material with which you work does not exceed the maximum allowed power density.
    • Do not use or store batteries in high heat or cold environments.
    • While laser processing, you should ensure that there are no people in the light source end.
    • Please pay attention to operation temperature, not only about the temperature of the laser machine itself but also the temperature of ambient air as it should be controlled.

    11. What Is the Role of Cooling System in Raycus Laser?

    The role of the cooling system in raycus laser is to remove the heat produced during the wave number conversion.
    The conversion rate of raycus up to 37%, All lasers can be used with the cooling system or without it; There are some laser sources used for marking like 20w are air cooling, however, better laser quality will be obtained if the laser works with the cooling system because the laser medium will absorb ample power to cause a thermal effect on beam quality.

    Figure 2 Water Chiller for Cooling

    The cooling system of the raycus laser contains nitrogen, water, and air.
    The cooling system is used to cool the laser housing. It reduces the coefficients of thermal expansion, thereby reducing the distortion of optical elements. It also helps maintain uniform temperature distribution inside the laser chamber, plugging leaks and preventing heat conduction sealing leaks and heat conduction, thereby enhancing the overall energy conversion efficiency.

    12. How Much Voltage Is Required to Use Raycus Laser?

    The voltage requires to operate your raycus laser varies from model to model and manufacturer. The lower the voltage requirement, the lower it will cost you in terms of electricity.
    But you don’t want to compromise on the final quality of the product prepared by rays laser.

    13. What Is the Correct Antifreeze Measure Of Raycus Laser Source?

    Freezing will damage the modules inside the laser, thereby damaging the entire laser, especially water-cooled lasers. It is important to prevent water from freezing inside the laser.
    The correct measure for antifreeze of raycus laser sources lies in the actual need for your application.
    Raycus, the source is special to adjust, laser parameter of strict control. The effect of untrustworthy quality is pronounced. Therefore, manufacturing has ways to measure the head. Different media change the parameter.
    A non-freezing, non-corrosive antifreeze is used to fill the source with it after it is assembled. Due to media having an enormous capacity for heat conduction, not very high-temperature energy of laser gas can be led away via media effectively; that’s why it’s also named a cooling medium.

    14. What Are The Maintenance Requirement For Raycus Laser?

    Raycus Laser is almost maintenance-free once installed. The only time it requires cleaning is when there is a change of material or marking job.
    The maintenance requirement for raycus lasers is to clean the mirror regularly. This ensures the highest possible lasing efficiency. We would recommend you use an optical flat, made by us, to do so.

    15. On Which Materials Can I Use Raycus Laser?

    Raycus lasers can be used on a large variety of materials. As a fiber laser, born for metal processing, it also can be used for glass, fiber, plastic, stone, ceramic, all depending on different applications.

    16. Why Import Raycus Laser From China? 

    On account of continuous technology innovation, CHINA has become a PROFESSIONAL and international, high-level and popular, first-class and powerful, professional and competitive, and productive and efficient supplier for Raycus Laser.
    Chinese engineers are open-minded and willing to support all the people around the world with professional laser technical support.
    China’s professional and efficient team will provide you best quality Raycus laser products and solutions within the agreed time and budget.
    China’s manufacturer is dedicated to bringing you high-performance, cost-effective and reliable products. China offers high specifications products at a competitive price. You can even get a lower price for this top product.
    It would help if you considered the reputation of the laser power devices like Raycus Laser.
    The manufacturer from China observes the whole production scale minutely and has experience in exploration and manufacturing.
    Many of China’s manufacturers like to promote products at a reasonable price in the market, which does cause more benefits for enterprises. Many laser power devices that you can find on the market today are made in China.


    17. How To Buy Raycus Laser Source For Your Cutting Machine?

    You can buy raycus laser sources online. You can visit China’s Manufacturers’ websites, and then you can get the correct information about your desired products.
    A purchase order can be placed for each kind of laser machine, including Raycus Laser. China’s products are most competitive with the best quality.
    Online services are available 24 hours for your inquiry, and rest assured that you will respond on the same day. There are more products you need; you can contact Vendors online. Their representative will answer each query.
    After placing your order online, the shipment will be at your doorstep in due course of time.

    18. What Kinds Of After Sales Policy Of  Raycus Laser Are There?

    Raycus Laser warrants your confidence with all-inclusive after-sales service.
    After-sales policies of Raycus Laser vary from brand to brand and country to country. For example, in the case of purchasing Raycus Laser from China, After sales policies of Raycus Laser can be followings:
    After-sales of Raycus Laser services include warranties that almost all manufacturers are providing. That’s why the quality of design, materials are controlled strictly.
    China’s manufacturers try their best to help clients if products get damaged during shipping, and it can be proved that the shipping process caused it.
    The manufacturer will bear the cost of repair if the product is intact, but they will not if it’s broken.
    During the warranty period, few of China’s manufacturers can provide free on-site repair and adjustments; they can provide troubleshooting and on-site servicing, and more. Mostly you need to send the broken laser source back to China. And they repair it and return you back. Raycus laser has overseas service centers in India, Russia, and Turkey. They can send technicians to customers’ plants for on-site debugging and calibration. Also, the Distributor service is available in Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Korea,  Singapore, USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa.
    Most of china’s manufacturers have an after-sales service on purchasing Raycus Laser, and they are responsible for the product construction and debugging, which has high technical level and expertise.
    If Raycus Laser breaks down or malfunctions, Few of China’s manufacturers will replace you without any extra charge according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the warranty document.
    If the problem in Raycus Laser after sales is not solved within the warranty period, it can be repaired at no cost. It can use freely; there is no charge for maintenance.

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