What we do in steel fabrication …

Our Services Overview

Our technical team offer installation and training of laser cutting machine

Consulting of Laser

GYC Laser is pleased to share the professional experience in the industrial laser industry, No matter you want to cut or weld the steel and other metallic materials, the more we talked, the more useful information you have from the laser.


If you have a plan to create your own brand of laser machine in your country, GYC laser willing to share our R&D team and stable supply chain with you. Let’s build your laser brand with the color you loved, and stay in high-quality standard. and It is UNIQUE!


GYC laser starts Manufacturing of Laser Machine In 2009, begins with steel welding, Heat treatment, CNC milling, Assembling, etc. Every step to make sure the laser machine high accuracy cutting on the steel. If you are thinking local manufacturing, welcome to talk.


A different workshop may require a different machine, such as size, design, color, machine function to fit your product making? GYC laser will Tailor-made depends on your needs.

Local Service

GYC laser connect with some partner from the USA, India, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico to offer local service like training and installation to the end-users. keep updating more and more local service centers.

Turn-Key Solutions

GYC Laser Has the Experience to support clients with turn-key solutions in the Metal fabrication industry, Air ductwork industry, Automotive Hardware production, etc.

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Guangzhou Great Year Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that offers solutions for steel cutting and metal fabrication.