The Advantages of 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

thick carbon steel cutting

thick carbon steel cutting


The ADVANTAGES of 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


We are as good as the tool we use,. A good processing equipment will help use to improve the efficiency, reduce costs, and seize opportunities in the fierce market competition. In the field of sheet metal processing, fiber laser cutting machine is such a processing equipment, especially after the advent of the 10K watt laser cutting machine, the thickness of the metal processed by the laser cutting machine has broken through, and the application range has become more and more extensive.

High-Efficiency Laser Cutting Machine

According to the technical requirements of the sheet metal processing industry and the characteristics of cutting equipment, cutting technologies such as flame, plasma, and laser are widely used in sheet metal manufacturing companies. With the rapid development of cutting technology and the continuous improvement of the overall performance of cutting equipment, the status of laser cutting and plasma cutting as the mainstay, and flame cutting as the supplement is gradually taking shape.

In the metal processing process, the cutting speed of a 10K watt laser cutting machine can reach a cutting speed of 100 meters per meter, which is an efficiency that cannot be matched by traditional metal cutting methods. High-efficiency processing not only saves processing time but also saves labor costs.

Moreover, before cutting the workpiece, traditional industrial processing will perform a series of complex operations, such as measuring, scribing, etc., which is also a waste of time. The laser cutting machine eliminates this step and only needs to input the pattern to smart CNC control software, quickly process the finished product, which effectively improves the production efficiency.

The Advantage of Laser Cutting Machine Lies in the Cutting Thickness

At present, the laser cutting machine can be used for 100% metal blanking processing, whether it is ordinary stainless steel, carbon steel, or difficult to handle highly reflective materials, the laser cutting machine can easily handle it.

On this basis, the thickness of the metal material processed by the laser cutting machine also increases with the increase of the power of the laser cutting machine. The 10K watt laser cutting machine can process stainless steel up to 40mm. With the increase of material thickness, their factory has expanded more in traditional processing, can produce diversified products, undertake a wider range of projects, and enhance The competitiveness of the market, these are a good embodiment of the advantages of the 10K watt laser cutting machine.


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